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Check EBT Card Balance Online

When receiving EBT food stamps from the SNAP program you are given a debit card to make your purchases. Each month your state refills the balance through the Electronic Benefits Transfer system onto your EBT card so you can continue using your food stamps to purchase groceries needed for you and your family. It is important to know the current balance on your EBT card at any time of the month so that you do not run out prior to the next refill. Each state may have a different method, either by calling a phone number or checking your EBT card balance online. To find out this process, select your state below.

Your Guide to the SNAP EBT Card

The EBT card is a useful tool that state departments distribute to food stamp program enrollees once they have been approved to receive Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits. EBT stands for Electronic Benefits Transfer. Many candidates who wonder, “What is an EBT card?” should remember that this is the preferred way for food stamps offices to distribute benefits to enrollees on a monthly basis.

Once beneficiaries receive their SNAP EBT card in the mail, they have direct access to their allotments. However, claimants are responsible for maintaining their funds throughout the month and ensuring that they do not run out of benefits before they are set to receive their next deposits. In any case, these cards are useful to program enrollees, and recipients can use the benefits to support themselves during financial hardship.

Is the EBT card safe to use?

Many food stamps recipients wonder if the EBT card is safe to use. These enrollees may be worried about the electronic, automated nature of the deposits and transfers. However, SNAP participants should rest assured that EBT is a secure way to collect and spend funds. In the past, SNAP offices distributed paper vouchers to enrollees, which they needed to have on-hand to spend their benefits at grocery stores. There was no efficient way for recipients to keep track of their balances, and claimants who lost their stamps had no way to redeem benefits for that month.

Today, recipients can use their EBT card number to check their balances from any mobile device or computer. This allows enrollees to always be up-to-date on their available funds, and beneficiaries can use these methods to track their deductions and see if there were any errors in account transactions. Likewise, claimants who have a stolen or lost EBT card have more options when it comes to reclaiming their funds. Petitioners who find themselves in these situations can contact an EBT card replacement center and notify program officials that their cards were compromised. While state departments usually cannot replace any funds that claimants lost during this process, they can cancel enrollees’ accounts so they do not lose any more benefits. Therefore, the EBT system is effective and safe for enrollees to use.

How to Get an EBT card in Your Home State

Petitioners may wonder how to get an EBT card at some point throughout the program enrollment process. Aside from applying to their state’s SNAP program and participating in any required interviews, there is little that claimants must specifically do to obtain these devices. Usually, states will send cards to enrollees’ mailing addresses once the food stamps office has officially approved their program applications. Then, beneficiaries may need to call the EBT card phone number to set up their accounts’ personal identification numbers (PINs). In some states, claimants may be able to do this online. Once acceptees complete these and any additional activation steps, they should be able to begin using their cards at approved stores and markets.

Where can I use my EBT card?

Once claimants have access to their SNAP benefits, they may wonder, “Where can I use my EBT card?” Regardless of where enrollees live, there are usually several different grocery store options in their local areas that accept food stamps. Most major supermarket chains accept these benefits, and some smaller, independent stores may also accept EBT. In certain states, claimants may also be able to use their EBT card at farmer’s markets, which can allow them to purchase fresh and local fruits and vegetables for their families. However, there are some locations where enrollees may not use their cards. These include:

  • Casinos.
  • Bars.
  • Liquor stores.
  • Adult entertainment businesses.

Alternatively, enrollees may also wonder, “Where can I withdraw money from my EBT card?” Beneficiaries have several options for locations they can visit to take out cash from their EBT accounts, but some of these options may charge processing fees. However, food stamps recipients can generally withdraw money from their accounts at:

  • Grocery stores that accept EBT.
  • As cash-back options when they are checking out at supermarkets.
  • Automated teller machines (ATMs).

What can I buy with food stamps?

After beneficiaries learn where they can use their EBT cards, they are likely to wonder, “What can you buy with food stamps?” SNAP’s purpose is to help low-income families afford healthy foods that they can use to feed themselves and their dependents. For these reasons, enrollees can usually spend their SNAP food stamps on nutritious groceries, such as:

  • Fresh produce: Claimants can use their EBT benefits to buy fresh fruits and vegetables. They can also use their program funds to purchase canned or frozen versions of these items.
  • Grains: Beneficiaries may use their food stamps benefits to purchase various types of bread, cereal, rice and pasta.
  • Meat and dairy: Enrollees may also use EBT to buy meat, seafood and dairy items, such as milk, cheese and yogurt.

While not always nutritious, enrollees may also use their SNAP food stamps to buy junk food items, which include chips, sodas and candy. However, there are several items that beneficiaries cannot use their EBT funds to purchase. These include:

  • Household goods and cleaning supplies.
  • Pet food.
  • Vitamins and some energy drinks.
  • Hot, ready-made meals.
  • Alcoholic beverages and tobacco.
  • How to Check an EBT Card Balance

Beneficiaries need to check their EBT SNAP card balance before and after each shopping trip. This helps to ensure that they stay on track with their budgeting goals and that they are not tempted to overspend. It also helps to ensure that all transactions are processed correctly. Since the EBT card works and looks like a debit card, recipients can check their account balances in many of the same ways they would with bank-issued cards. For example, enrollees can call an EBT card number to check their balance. Alternatively, enrollees may also log into their online accounts and review their balances within their web portals. Recipients can also review their balances at ATM machines.

On the other hand, enrollees may also check EBT card balance numbers when they are at the grocery store, after they complete their purchases. When the transactions are processed, cashiers will hand shoppers their receipts. Enrollees’ remaining SNAP balances are printed at the bottom of these sheets each time they use their cards. Recipients can then compare their receipt totals to their online totals to ensure their balances are correct.

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