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How To Replace Your Vermont EBT Card

If you receive Vermont food stamps, then you know you cannot access your SNAP benefits without a Vermont Express Card. This is why it is important that, if your card has been lost or stolen, or the magnetic stripe on the back of the card has been damaged, you need to report it in order to receive a replacement EBT card. If lost or stolen, you need to request a new card right away to prevent potential food stamp fraud. If someone has your Vermont food stamp card, they may be able to purchase food items using your SNAP benefits. Below is the step by step process when requesting a new Vermont EBT card.

Step 1 - Report Lost Or Stolen EBT Card
You must report the card as lost, stolen, or damaged, either to the EBT help desk or to the Vermont Department of Families and Children. The contact information is listed below.

Step 2 - Deactivate EBT Card
The help desk or food stamp office must deactivate the card so that the system does not have multiple active cards for the same account.

Step 3 - Setup New EBT Card
A replacement card must be drawn from the food stamp office inventory. Then, information about the card holder, including your pin, must be added to the EBT card's magnetic stripe. Next, information about the card itself (e.g., card number) and the PIN must be added to the system's database and linked to your SNAP account.

Step 4 - Receiving Your New EBT Card
Once the card is setup, it will be delivered to you via mail. Once you receive the replacement card, you then call the help desk to activate the card. In most cases you should receive your new Vermont Express Card within two business days following notice by the household to the State agency. The State may request a waiver from the Department to allow a longer replacement time. If you need the card sooner, they may allow you to come down to the office to get your new EBT card. You can ask if that is available when you call them.

  • Request By Phone

    You can request a replacement Vermont EBT card by calling 800-914-8605.

  • Request Online

    You can request a replacement Vermont Express Card online by clicking here.

  • Report Fraud By Phone

    You can report Vermont food stamp fraud by calling 800-479-6151 or 800-552-3431.

  • Report Fraud Online

    You can report Vermont food stamp fraud online by clicking here.

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