New Jersey EBT Payment Schedule

This page shows the New Jersey EBT payment schedule of when you should receive your monthly SNAP benefits allotment. Each month you receive your New Jersey food stamps allowance through Electronic Benefits Transfer onto your EBT card, so that you can purchase food items from authorized SNAP retailers throughout the United States.

I Did Not Receive My SNAP Benefits Payment

If you believe you do not receive your New Jersey EBT payment this month and it is past the payment date listed below, then you would need to contact the New Jersey Department Of Human Services, who head up the New Jersey SNAP, either by the phone number on the back of your New Jersey EBT card, or go to the New Jersey food stamp balance page.

New Jersey Monthly EBT Payment Schedule
Benefits are generally made available over the first five calendar days of the month, based on the 7th digit of the client's case number.

Case number ends in: 1 or 2 = benefits available on the 1st of the month
Case number ends in: 3 or 4 = benefits available on the 2nd of the month
Case number ends in: 5 or 6 = benefits available on the 3rd of the month
Case number ends in: 7 or 8 = benefits available on the 4th of the month
Case number ends in: 9 or 0 = benefits available on the 5th of the month


* In Warren County, all benefits are made available on the 1st of the month.