Report Lost Or Stolen Nevada EBT Card

If you have lost Nevada EBT card or someone has stolen EBT card, then you will need to report it to get a replacement card. It is important to report it right away so that someone else cannot find your Nevada food stamp card and commit fraud by purchasing food with your SNAP benefits or figuring out the card PIN and withdraw money from your Nevada SNAP account through an EBT ATM. You can also request a replacement EBT card if your current one has become damaged and not able to scan. Some states require a fee to replace your card and some states now have a limit on how many times you can replace your food stamp card. To find out the process in your state, contact them using the information below.

  • Request New EBT Card By Phone

  • You can request a replacement Nevada EBT card by calling 866-352-5878.
  • Request New EBT Card Online

  • You can request a replacement Nevada EBT card online by clicking here.
  • Report SNAP Fraud By Phone

  • You can report Nevada EBT fraud by calling 702-486-1646 or 702-486-1646.
  • Report SNAP Fraud Online

  • You can report Nevada EBT fraud online by clicking here.