Kansas EBT Card Balance

You can check your current Kansas EBT card balance using different methods including calling the EBT balance phone number, checking EBT balance online and by looking at your grocery receipt. Your Kansas Vision card can be used at any store location that accepts food stamps, including outside the state. The department that handles the SNAP program in your state is the Kansas Department of Social and Rehabilitation Services. Below we provide information on the different ways you can check your Kansas EBT card balance. Make sure you have your card and pin number ready.

If you plan to check online you will need to create an account when you visit ebtedge.com. Once you have an account, you will be able to login and check the current balance on your Kansas EBT card along with the ability to check the transaction history of your purchases. It is recommended that after each purchase using your food stamp card, you save your receipt so that you can keep track of your EBT balance. The receipt should show the latest balance at the bottom.

  • Check By Phone

    You can check your Kansas Vision card balance over the phone by calling 800-997-6666.

  • Check Online

    To check your current Kansas ebt balance online, click here.

  • Apply For Food Stamps

    Find out how to apply for SNAP benefits, Kansas EBT application.

  • Approved EBT Food List

    Find out what groceries you can purchase using your food stamps, Kansas EBT food list.

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