FREDS STORE 2668 EBT Location

FREDS STORE 2668 is an authorized SNAP retailer in Prattville Alabama. They can accept your EBT card at this location using their debit machine. It does not matter what state you receive food stamp assistance, your EBT card can be used at any Alabama EBT location. Use the information below to contact FREDS STORE 2668 to see if they still accept food stamps at their location as the stores Alabama SNAP status can change from time to time.

  • EBT Store Location

  • FREDS STORE 2668
    715 E Main St
    Prattville, Alabama 36067
  • EBT Store Phone Number

  • There is no phone number available to call this Alabama EBT location.
  • EBT Store Information

  • If this is your Prattville EBT location in Alabama and you need to update your information, click here.

FREDS STORE 2668 EBT Location