How To Apply For EBT Card In Wyoming

There are additional requirements on how to apply for an Electronic Benefits Transfer debit card in Wyoming, below we list some of these additional requirements. Some states provide a ebt card application online or one that you can download, print and submit to the SNAP benefits department in WY. If you already receive Wyoming SNAP benefits and need to know how to check your ebt card balance online or by phone number, Wyoming EBT Balance.

Wyoming SNAP Benefits Department
Wyoming Department of Family Services

Wyoming SNAP Benefits Program
Wyoming SNAP

Wyoming EBT Application
In order to apply for a Wyoming EBT card you need to find the nearest Wyoming Department of Social or Human Services. To find the nearest SNAP benefits office in your state, find your local WY SNAP Office.To apply by phone you can call the Wyoming Information Hotline number at 307-777-5846. If you are looking to print out the SNAP benefits application and mail it in, print out Wyoming food stamp application.

Wyoming SNAP Benefits Eligibility
In order to apply for SNAP benefits in Wyoming an applicant must meet the criteria set by the USDA SNAP Eligibility Requirements. The applicant must also provide the required documentation which would include a valid social security number for each household member, as requested by the state. Personal real estate, personal vehicle or personal property may not disqualify a family from receiving these benefits, assets such as bank accounts should not exceed $2000, $3000 if the home has an elderly or disabled occupant.

Households must have a gross monthly income at or below 130% of the Federal poverty guidelines. After allowable deductions a household's net monthly income should be 100% or less of the Federal poverty guidelines in order to be eligible for SNAP Benefits. Adults who are residing in the current household must meet work requirements as outlined by the program. You can view additional details about how to apply for WY SNAP Benefits by using the SNAP Pre-Screening Eligibility Tool. is not affiliated with any government agency. This site is for informational purposes only.