Apply For An EBT Card - SNAP Benefits Eligibility

Each state has its own ebt card application and different prerequisites that determine if you are eligible for SNAP Benefits. Generally to be eligible to obtain EBT benefits in your state you can use the SNAP Pre-Screening Eligibility Tool. Once you obtain the results from the tool it will show a list of states, you then would click the link for your state to learn additional requirements to be eligible for the SNAP program. This would include how you would apply for the Electronic Benefits Transfer debit card.

How To Apply For A EBT Debit Card In Your State
Once you have applied for ebt benefits in your state then most likely you will need to provide additional documentation during an interview with a state case worker. You would need to meet all prerequisites set by the state on an ongoing basis in order to continue receiving your SNAP benefits. If you would like to see additional requirements for applying for an ebt debit card in your state, simply select your state in the list below. is not affiliated with any government agency. This site is for informational purposes only.